Facebook Ad Campaign

Services included in this sale:

  • Simple ad graphic creation
  • Setup of Facebook campaign message, duration, and targeting.
  • Minimum ad monitoring of one week, Maximum ad monitoring of two weeks
  • Does not include additional analytics report

Social Media Start Up Kit

Services include in this sale:

  • For Facebook or Instagram only
  • Initial profile page setup; or update of current information/images
  • A maximum of 2-3 posts on each platform
  • Post schedule will last for two full weeks
  • Engagement and commenting¬†
  • Basic analytics report¬†

Social Media Management

Services included in this sale:

  • Management of Facebook and/or Instagram
  • Duration of service is for two months
  • Creation of profile if it does not already exist
  • 14 posts a week for Facebook
  • 14 posts a week for Instagram
  • Commenting and engaging with customers and related markets
  • Bi- weekly analytics report (2 reports total)
  • *BONUS* Facebook Ad Campaign creation and management for two weeks


Branded Sale Payment Options

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